Zentrader.com: A New Trading Platform That Simplifies The Way You Trade

Some of us have tried to get into online trading before and found the systems daunting, antiquated, and not inspiring much confidence. At the best of times, many online trading platforms feel clunky, confusing, and often they make it difficult to make money from the outset.

Trading should be easy to get into and simple to learn, but needing insight to master. The team at Zentrader understands this and has put information and responsive systems at the forefront of their latest development. Offering analytics and relevant indicators which allow you zoom in on trade opportunities. Within minutes, you will be online and ready to trade.

The solution is here – a new online trading platform from Zentrader that presents traders with a set of opportunities. Completely new, radically changing the concept of trading and with an array of flexible instruments, the platform makes online trading smoother than ever before and will be launching very soon.

Making Online Trading Easier

Whether you are new to the concept of online trading or have been trading for years, the most common feature that traders call for is flexibility and ease of use. The online trading platform has undergone years of testing and development, where Zentrader has studied the user experience from initial sign up to placing your first trade. Zentrader was developed as an online trading platform that is feature-rich but very straightforward and simple to use.

What’s It All About?

In lamens terms, the online trading platform offers investments which are based on the observation of movements in exchange rates, share prices or commodity prices within a certain time frame. You never take ownership of the asset in question, you are only predicting the direction of the price. There are only two options available for you to choose from – high or low. At the point of expiration, if the price settles in your favour, you receive a pre-specified sum of money. If it doesn’t, you lose the amount invested.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, you will pick an asset of your choosing – whether it’s the price of WTI crude oil, the stock price of Apple or a given currency pair or exchange rate like the EUR/USD – then study its pricing behaviour and place your investment according to your prediction, the amount you wish to invest and the duration of the trade. It is as simple as predicting whether the price of a Euro will be above or below a certain price level by this Tuesday at 11 am. A predefined payout will be agreed upon before you enter the trade, usually around 80% or 1.8x your initial investment amount. If you invest €100, and the price finishes in favour of your prediction, you’ll get €180. If it goes the other way, you’ve lost your €100.

Where Do I Start?

The Zentrader platform comes with a comprehensive range of features, including the ability to analyse the price of assets, detailed and easy-to-read charts and a trading process that’s designed to be simple and rewarding. It delivers a consistent, high-powered user experience that conveys the anticipation, excitement and energy of trading global markets.

The Bottom Line

We think it’s safe to say that this platform that completely changes the game of online trading – and takes it to a whole new level.

Even if you do not pick it up right from the start, there is a 24/7 support team to answer all of your questions and a comprehensive knowledge base and resources to get you up to speed.

Test Zentrader for free through their demo platform. This will allow you to trial the full functionality and see why their technology stands apart from the rest.